About Us

JC Ibekaku Hope Project (JCIHP) is a non-governmental, not-for-profit, and charity organization  registered in Nigeria.

JC Ibekaku Hope Project (JCIHP) is a non-governmental, not-for-profit and charity organization registered in Nigeria. JCIHP is also a youth-led Non-governmental and Non-for-profit Organization founded in 2010, and formally registered with the CAC in January, 2013, to contribute to national development by primarily empowering youth and women to become nation builders through leadership training and skills acquisition. JCIHP also supports educational and social welfare related programs.

JC Ibekaku Hope Project
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Our Mission

“Empowering Women and Youth through leadership training and skills acquisition  ”and we also envisage a “healthy and prosperous society where young people are the engine  for growth and development” 

Our Mission

JCIHP Foundation is also a philanthropic organization that seeks to consistently deliver hope and change in the lives of indigent people in society. It plays a role in developing the capacity of women and youths from different works of life in diverse areas that include open governance, leadership development, and political empowerment. 


  • JCIHP has supported well over 1000 women with interest-free microcredit, and more than 100  youths had equally benefitted from our scholarship program.  
  • To date we have successfully empowered more than 100 women and youths with economic empowerment skills through our Training programs. Government institutions currently employ some of the youths and agencies while others are self-employed because of the skills acquired from our programs. 

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